What our members

say about us

“Wonderful opportunity for families to get together with an instant connection. Great to see all the children mixing and chatting in such a relaxed atmosphere”

"An amazing community resource that helps and supports whole families to come together. A safe space for children to be with other children who understand."

"RDC are a fantastic team, more like a family. They are always bringing fresh ideas on how to support and connect with young deaf children."

"The only group in the town providing peer support for deaf children and their families. We've thoroughly enjoyed attending the events and meeting parents and sharing experiences.  They deliver meaningful sessions that are really looked forward to."

"This is great for south Yorkshire. Having people/ volunteers that can sign to deaf children is just amazing. This provides an unique service to lesson isolation and improve deaf children's well being and mental health."

"Rotherham Deaf Connections is such a fabulous group that threw its arms open wide to help deaf children and their families. The children that attend are happy, smiley and confident children in an environment that has been created especially for them and their families."

"It’s a great environment for our local children with hearing loss to meet and have fun together. Also a great support for parents"

“So wonderful to see passionate people supporting deaf children .
We enjoyed our first visit yesterday”

"They are a great supportive organisation."

"Children look so happy. It is perfect for the deaf community, everyone is so friendly in such a happy environment."

"RDC have been fantastic not only for my 13 year old profoundly deaf daughter but for us all as a family. Any questions we have I know I can contact them anytime."

"This is a friendly and helpful club put in place for deaf children to engage with other children same as them play interact and make them happy that they are not alone. As well as parents meeting families. They are doing a great job."

"This group has helped my nephew and allows him to communicate and bond friendships with children just like him. It's a safe environment that allows great play and wonderful activities that they can all get involved with together. I love hearing about the things he has done there and he's always happy and smiling when he's been here. I've seen his confidence grow in this group."

"It’s a great environment for our local children with hearing loss to meet and have fun together. Also a great support for parents"

"Fantastic team doing a outstanding job to people who really need the service they provide. Working hard to make lives better."

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